Meet our consultants

A dedicated multidisciplinary team

Skilled in maintenance, technology, project management, change management and human resource management. Having developed 500 projects and managing 150 projects, our team in  P2H-Global stands out for excellence and working closely with its dynamic junior consultants.

Philippe Hinfray - A Passionate Leader in the Maintenance field

Philippe Hinfray - A Passionate Leader in the Maintenance field

He has 30 years of experience in the field of maintenance :

- For 15 years of his career he worked as the operational manager on various methods for major industrial sites: (papermaking, blast furnaces, public works, mining, oil and gas ...). he also carried out failure analysis, cost analysis, search for solutions, as well as applying optimization procedures and implementation of these solutions to the company. Preventive measures and conditions implemented, risk analysis, works planning and CMMS solutions have been applied.

- He also has 15 years of experience in applying CMMS solutions in a worldwide software company. He then became a consultant in EMEA and an executive leader in project management.

- In 2012 he created the company P2H-Global, a maintenance consulting firm, which offers services combining this knowledge of business constraints with that of software implementation.

He is the president of the Maintenance Professional Group for the Arts and Métiers Engineers organisation.

Marc Pavageau - Project management through a Collaborative approach

Marc Pavageau - Project management through a Collaborative approach

15 years experience in the creation of IT projects. He is a TPM consultant, carried out Lean Management in maintenance for 3 years on many sites.

He values a collaborative approach as the key factor in having a successful project. In 1990 in Los Angeles, he trained as a "Management Facilitator" and has become a pioneer in managing change.

Since 2006 he offers seminars and experiential Ropes Course training for companies undergoing change management.

His focus is action oriented, as well as fostering creativity and innovation. He is managing the Alumni Network which brings together graduates of Aix Universities: Arts & Métiers, IAE and Sciences Po as well as law and economics universities. He teaches courses on Leadership and Self Confidence for graduate students In Arts & Métiers and  ITII continuing education.

Through his initiative,a leadership course is now taught to Arts & Métiers students in Aix-En-Provence.

Alain Petit - Improving your industrial performance

Alain Petit - Improving your industrial performance

Long experience in the field of production and services enabled him to become a recognized expert in maintenance / new construction projects and industrial organization.

Its main tasks have been to assume Technical Services Directorates, sometimes at short notice to fulfill the operational and maintenance engineer responsibilities. He is able to audit industrial organization around maintenance, to propose sustainable solutions and to monitor their implementation in a project management mode.

He intervened in many industries operating in continuous process. Mainly in the automotive (12), glass (10 years), several years in the railway, paper, food processing and printing, plastic, tile, ...

Being accredited as French National Education trainer, AFPA, CEGOS, he gives a true interest in the involvement and acceptance of the field workers.

Denis Dufrene - A Lean Management Expert

Denis Dufrene - A Lean Management Expert

Specialized in training industrial executives and service companies. Professor at ARTS et Métiers ParisTech, ESMSE, ISEN, ESTP, University Paris XI and Aix-Marseille and IAE. He trained and accompanied for many years engineers and technicians in the fields of organizational management, maintenance management, project management and operational excellence.

Worked on a DYNEO project for ENSAM,  Aix-en-Provence in the area of Lean and Operational Excellence. He carried out studies, research and development and supporting businesses in the deployment of "Lean Maintenance": TPM, Maintenance based on reliability, Logistics Support (Spares, Tools, HR: sizing, localization, optimization ...) and "Lean Project": change management, process improvement, ...

In his consulting business he supports companies in all sectors (AREVA, ARCELOR MITTAL, AIRBUS Helicopter, ERDF, GUINTOLLI ORTEC, SCP, VOLVO, POST ...) in the operational implementation of best practices that have emerged and proven in leading sectors. He developed a particular expertise in Sûreté Operation, Maintenance, Asset Management, Logistics Support and Project Management and Business.

With his dual training Engineering Arts and Métiers (France) and MASc from the University of Montreal (Canada) he successfully combines the rigor and power of the Anglo-Saxon approaches with pragmatism, his taste for working out in the field, being operational and the experience inherited from his original training.